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Change allocated memory in Glassifish using asadmin tool

Hi there, I want to share my experience in changing the settings for the allocated memory in Glassifish. In particular, changing the amount of initial memory (-Xms) and changing the maximum memory (-Xmx) allocated to Glassfish.

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Permanently change User Agent string in Safari and Chrome

In Safari you can change the User Agent string by using the developers option “Develop -> User Agent -> Other”. However, this will change the user agent just temporally. After you restart Safari, the old User Agent string will be … Continue reading

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Get Rid of ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder in Documents Folder

After installing Office 2011 for Mac OS, a folder called ‘Microsoft User Data’ will be created in your favourite ‘Documents’ folder. I have no idea why Microsoft is creating such application related files in my Documents folder. There are other … Continue reading

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Splash screen (login) not showing in Ubuntu 12.10

Recently I installed the latest version of Ubuntu 12.10. The installation went ok however, every second time I tried to log-in I couldn’t. The log-in screen wasn’t showing. The solution was to edit the grub and add the following line: … Continue reading

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