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Change allocated memory in Glassifish using asadmin tool

Hi there, I want to share my experience in changing the settings for the allocated memory in Glassifish. In particular, changing the amount of initial memory (-Xms) and changing the maximum memory (-Xmx) allocated to Glassfish.

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Registered voters in the Diaspora for the 2014 presidental elections in Macedonia

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Holidays in High Tatras

This year we decided to go on holidays in High Tatras (Slovakia), mountain range located on the border between Slovakia and Poland. Nice weather, tasty food, and of course, very nice mountains with plenty of mountain lakes and 17 peaks … Continue reading

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Permanently change User Agent string in Safari and Chrome

In Safari you can change the User Agent string by using the developers option “Develop -> User Agent -> Other”. However, this will change the user agent just temporally. After you restart Safari, the old User Agent string will be … Continue reading

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Get Rid of ‘Microsoft User Data’ folder in Documents Folder

After installing Office 2011 for Mac OS, a folder called ‘Microsoft User Data’ will be created in your favourite ‘Documents’ folder. I have no idea why Microsoft is creating such application related files in my Documents folder. There are other … Continue reading

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Streaming video using Node.js

In this post I am going to show you how you can set-up Node.js to stream video files to an HTML5 video tag. First, lets create simple HTML client. The client offers the same video in 3 formats: video/mp4, video/ogg … Continue reading

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Free online courses

Recently I completed great course for MongoDB and it was a grateful experience. At the moment there are 3 courses available: MongoDB for DBAs, MongoDB for Java Developers and MongoDB for Python developers. More great Computer Science -oriented courses (also … Continue reading

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Splash screen (login) not showing in Ubuntu 12.10

Recently I installed the latest version of Ubuntu 12.10. The installation went ok however, every second time I tried to log-in I couldn’t. The log-in screen wasn’t showing. The solution was to edit the grub and add the following line: … Continue reading

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